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I’m taking a brief hiatus (two weeks) from blogging at The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire. I’m wrapping up final (fingers crossed) edits on my vampire manuscript. Also it is sometimes good to just take a break.
Behind the scenes, we’re working on the site’s redesign. Stay tuned for upcoming news regarding the site and the book.

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7 Responses to “Site news”


Good luck on the book, man. You deserve it for all the crap you’ve put up with.

And this site is definitely the best vampire blog on the web.


Where am I going to get my weird news fix??? Well, good luck with everything. Please return sooner than later!


I’m excited to hear your vampire book is coming along, Ben–mind if I take a peek at this latest draft?

Mystery Lover

A new design for the MOTHV? The suspense is killing me! Right in time for Easter a time of rebirth!


I’ve been gone too but I will await your speedy return! Good luck with the editing of your script and I look forward to seeing the new site.


Hey, vampire man, your google links are super lame. Are they in a frame that prevents google from reading your posts? You should be getting much more relevant links, which would get you a lot more $$$.

-a friend


Only a few days left until April 3. I hope Carnaki is well-rested and will be ready to go.
“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” Ovid

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