How to tell if your IT tech is a zombie

<  How to tell if your IT tech is a zombie

ITtoolbox Blogs has a list of signs to determine if your IT person is a zombie and a list of tips on how to deal with your zombie IT worker:

* does he use too much Axe bodyspray or too much cologne (to cover up the smell of his rotting flesh)?

* does he nibble at your ankles when plugging in your network cable under your desk?

* after troubleshooting your slow computer, does he call back to his office and ask them to “send more brains”?

* does he stare at you with his eyes rolled halfway back into his skull and groan everytime you explain to him that you really do need him to open up the firewall for your streaming audio?

Tip of the fedora to FARfeteched for emailing me the link.

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One Response to “How to tell if your IT tech is a zombie”

protected static

Hmmm… I’ve actually worked with more at least one tech who met all of those criteria. Uh… while he never actually nibbled anyone’s ankles, he did have a serious foot fetish that I’m amazed never got him fired…

I always knew I should have decapitated him. Oh well, those lost opportunities.

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