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I don’t usually feel like this, but some days I wish I had unlimited wealth. Then I would just drop everything and spend a week at Haunt X.

Haunt X is an event for people who prefer the “dark” things of life! This one-of-a-kind horror, haunt & Halloween expo features horror film celebrities, exciting tours, a real paranormal investigation, séances, Halloween & haunt seminars, world class speakers, horror movies, a to-die-for costume ball, special events and a giant dealer’s room filled     with the latest and greatest spooky merchandise and collectibles. 

Now that is my kind of expo.

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2 Responses to “Haunt X”

Johnny Gentle (famous crooner)


amidst today’s hysteria, hyperventilating and histrionics on dKos and the like, it sure is nice to have a great blog like this to just get away from things for a while.

thanks for putting it all together carnacki, protected static, and anyone else involved.


You’re welcome Johnny. It got a little crazy over there.

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