Steam-powered tanks and robots

<  Steam-powered tanks and robots

Makes me want to write science fiction in the Victorian era. Via Boing Boing.

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6 Responses to “Steam-powered tanks and robots”

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Those rock!


Heh, it’s been done, but I’ll betcha there’s dang few vampires in those steampunk novels. Hit those keys!

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Oooohhh, now that’s an idea…


there’s a great sci-fi novel called “the difference engine” by william gibson based on, strangely enough, the differential engine as designed by babbit. it was a precursor to the the modern computer.

gibson’s novel has all kinds of incredible jules verne/hg wells kind of machines in the victorian era as some sort of plot to kill someone important unwinds.

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I have a total weakness for this genre


I might have to try that vampire/steampunk.

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