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Yet another publication writes about zombie flic Homecoming. From City Pages:

How’s this for a sneaky horror-film allegory? On the eve of an alarmingly tight U.S. presidential election, American soldiers who died in a Middle East war based on public deception suddenly rise from their coffins and lumber toward the nation’s polling booths, tipping the scale against a chicken-hawk incumbent whose advisor admires his “way of making stupid people feel that they’re just as smart as he is.”

The hour-long Homecoming, made for Showtime’s “Masters of Horror” series by the eternally underrated Joe Dante (Gremlins, Small Soldiers), represents something rare in the hundred-year history of American horror: a mass-market thriller whose biting topicality is as unmistakable as an oozing flesh wound. At the very least, this hilarious tale of supernatural vindication finds Dante boldly resurrecting the tradition of B-movie rib-poking that perished in the early ’80s when another regular-guy executive in the White House handed near-total control of film exhibition–a weapon of mass deception, you could say–to the corporations.

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That is scary. Do you think it would teach those people a lesson and teach them to think before they vote for someone stupid next time? I didn’t think so.


We can only hope.

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