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Human Centipede II banned in Britain is film’s new marketing ploy

I have no interest in seeing the centipede movies. New York Times has a story on the film being banned in Britain and what other horror directors think of that, including torture porn maker Eli Roth.

Even so, Mr. Roth said that Mr. Six may have invited the film board’s wrath with a teaser trailer that promised “Human Centipede 2” would be “the sickest movie of all time.” “You want to be a provocateur,” Mr. Roth said. “But it’s best to be a provocateur after you’ve secured your rating.”

If by provocateur, Roth means torture pornographers like himself and Mr. Six who are unable to write and direct intelligent, frightening horror films so they substitute it with torture porn then yes, they are provocateurs.

What irks me is most is how the torture pornographers debase the horror genre.

Mr. Six, who described himself as “a victim of a very happy childhood,” grew up just outside Amsterdam, and after making a handful of harshly reviewed films intended for Dutch audiences, has focused on his “Human Centipede” movies, which are produced by his sister, Ilona. (She declined to comment for this article, but Mr. Six said she’s “just as crazy as I am.”)

For him the “Human Centipede” films are simultaneously a lark and a serious endeavor, an attempt to push people’s buttons and to push past the ax-wielding lunatics and repetitive sequels of conventional horror movies. If his movies are pejoratively labeled “torture porn,” Mr. Six said he didn’t mind. “I see porno films, of course, and I like them,” he said. And horror films, he said, are “all torture and misery.”

“I think my film is a torture porn with European art sauce or something,” Mr. Six said.

Here Mr. Six Simpleton shows his real contempt for the horror genre and tries to rationalize his inability to make a decent film by saying horror films are “all torture and misery.” What a complete disregard and lack of knowledge. A guy making a sequel that is nothing more than an even more grotesque, stupider version of his original thinks conventional horror movies are too repetitive. Claiming what he does is “horror” is an insult to James Whales, John Carpenter and countless others. Hell, it’s an insult to Ed Wood.

Say what you real about regular pornographers, they don’t try to claim the story setting up the sex shots are a serious endeavor and are in the drama or comedy genres.

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