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Lost tribe yield ancient secret

Remember that lost tribe that sounded like something from a Robert E. Howard story that was found in the desert north of Tibet? Turns out they may have really revered sex. A lot.

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Fungus devastating bat populations

This really, really sucks:

Biologists have found what they believe is the first evidence that Maryland bats are now infected with white nose syndrome, a deadly fungal disease that has killed more than a million hibernating bats since 2006, devastating colonies from New England to Virginia.

A state biologist conducting a bat survey Friday found dead and weakened bats in a cave on private property near Cumberland, the Department of Natural Resources reported Wednesday.

About three-quarters of the winged mammals had the telltale white fungus on their muzzles and other exposed skin.

“It’s likely going to kill a majority of them before spring,” said Dan Feller, the western region DNR biologist who found them. Typically, once the disease is established in a colony, 90 percent of the bats are gone by the second year.

If it’s in Maryland it’s in my neck of the woods too.

Corey Haim, RIP

Actor Corey Haim, who starred in Lost Boys, is dead at 38.

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