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Now I’m feeling zombiefied/Zombiefied!

If a picture is worth a thousand words (and in this case, it probably is)…

Some brains, milord?

…I probably don’t need to quote the publisher’s summary, but what the Hell!

The Classic Regency Romance—Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!

Indeed. That’s pure, weapons-grade awesome in book form. Click on the photo for a link to the publisher’s site.

[link via Andrew Sullivan, title via Alien Sex Fiend]

Friday vampire dance party

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The Disloyal Vampire, Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Saturday vampire dance party

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The Disloyal Vampire, Chapter 11

Chapter 11

A woeful horror blog would we be…

…if we failed to observe the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s birth.

1848 daguerreotype of Poe

Happy Birthday, Edgar.

(a red-faced thanks to Evil Mommy for reminding us…)

The Disloyal Vampire, Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Swamp monster claims 6th kill in latest Capital rampage

From our nation’s most trust worthy news source since the demise of the Weekly World News comes this:

WASHINGTON—The disappearance of a sixth Senate page in less than two months has renewed old fears in the legislative branch, leaving many to wonder if the legendary congressional swamp creature has returned.


In response to the recent spate of attacks, Senate majority leader Harry Reid has implored legislators to set aside partisanship and pass a bill to end the swamp monster’s reign of terror. But despite the urgency of the situation, the proposal has been mired in political maneuvering and stalled in committee due to disagreements over the bill’s wording.

“We almost passed a funding allocation bill to purchase a flamethrower and burn the hideous half-man, half-salamander alive, until someone attached a $34 million rider for commercial logging in Montana,” Reid said while boarding up his office windows. “And now that…thing has got another one of ours. It’s time to take matters into our own hands and draft an immediate-action resolution with much stronger language.”

Added Reid, “Our only hope is that poor Molly has sated its appetite for long enough to pass this amendment to the Procedure and Administration section of Title 26, the Internal Revenue Code.”

This is not the first time legislators have found themselves living in terror of the scaly abomination. During Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, the 8th U.S. Congress lost nine senators and 21 representatives to the aquatic fiend before it was able to secure enough votes to pass H.R. 243, the Back From Whence It Came proposal. In 1954, Sens. Sam Ervin (D-NC) and Henry Dworshak (R-ID) thought they had finally destroyed the swamp creature for good, after repeatedly stabbing the beast, spraying it with DDT, and dumping its body in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. But after legislators discovered the gruesome remains of the Energy and Water Development subcommittee a few weeks later, Ervin admitted they had probably only aggravated the monster’s aquatic wrath.

There haven’t been this many Congressional staffers found dead since Joe Scarborough and Gary Condit were in office.

Early Sunday vampire dance party

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The Disloyal Vampire, Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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