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It’s Halloween….

Do you know how your local bat colony is doing? Many across the country are dying from White Nose Syndrome and no one knows what to do.

A mold that gives hibernating bats fuzzy, white noses turns out to be a previously unknown form of cold-loving fungus. And it may be a cold-blooded killer too.

…White-nose syndrome, described only in the last two years, strikes its victims during their winter hibernation. Bats cuddled along the walls of caves or mines develop a white fuzz on their noses and wings, grow gaunt and then die.

…Hibernation sites struck by the syndrome lose 80 to 100 percent of their bats on average, Moore says. Northeastern bats hunt insects, including some pests, she says, so a sudden bat deficit “could be a huge problem.” – ScienceNews

Voting from her death bed

No matter your political views, this is a moving story of a South Carolina woman’s determination to cast her vote.

The official band of The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire

Just as Jason Ur is the official archaeologist of The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire, we now have an official band, Hi Octane and the Texas Chainsaw Horns

Mystery of the Sound

Where are the Orcas? 7 members of the LPod in the Puget Sound area have gone missing and are feared dead…from starvation. Listen to their haunting songs…and wonder if it is their warning to us that our fate could soon mirror theirs.

Orca Song 2008

Friday vampire dance party

Delerium/Jael: After All

Still working on the next story.

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Friday vampire dance party

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The next story

I got about six chapters into it before I realized I had made a wrong turn. It was much darker than the previous story, but the pacing seemed off. I’ve set aside those chapters for now and begun, reworking the first chapter and beginning anew from there.

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A Mysterious Tooth Washes Ashore

during Ike’s fury and delivered to a paleontologist’s doorstep…or rather, what was left of it.

A paleontologist whose beachfront home in Texas was destroyed during Hurricane Ike has found a mammoth’s tooth in the debris.

Scientists Dorothy Sisk and Jim Westgate discovered the football-sized fossil in Sisk’s front yard in Caplen on the devastated Bolivar Peninsula.

…The 6 lb (2.7 kg) tooth, which resembles a series of boot soles or slices of bread wedged together, is most probably that of the Columbian Mammoth, a species common to North America until around 10,000 years ago, Westgate said. – MailOnline

A mysterious crate left at my door

Early in June I woke at dawn to let my dog out and found a wooden crate, the type used decades ago by a tea importer, outside the back door. The box was nearly identical to one I had found in an old barn in Ohio years earlier. The Ohio crate had contained diaries and journals of several people as well as newspapers and photographs – all from the 1890s – and a previously unknown story from author William Hope Hodgson that appeared to have been written in 1913 shortly before he left for the war that claimed his life. I had published several of the diary entries and the Hodgson story online as The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire.

My dog sniffed the box outside the back porch door with a suspicious air before she walked off to do her business under the trees.

I looked around, but did not see anyone. On top of the crate was an envelope with a handwritten note inside. The writer claimed to have tracked me down and left the chest to me because of my previous interest in the contents of the other crate. I carried the crate inside with my dog following at my heels. I set it on the kitchen table. Inside I found letters, notebooks, folders holding sheaths of yellowed, typewritten manuscripts, and a photo album containing dozens of images from the 1920s and 1930s.

As my morning coffee brewed, I glanced through the contents of the folder on top. It appeared to have been a manuscript written in the style of a 1930s pulp magazine story. My first guess was, of course, that the story was fictional. But as I went through the box and read the notebooks and what appeared to be investigation reports I began to wonder. I now suspect the story referred to actual events and the unknown author wrote up the account as a fictional story. I do not know if the author ever attempted to publish his or her stories, but I suspect from the writing style they were intended for Weird Tales or another pulp horror or adventure magazine such as Weird Spicy Tales.

In the initial story, with chapters posted on Fridays (photos on Wednesdays), and in other stories, there are references to other investigations, hidden pasts, dark deeds referenced only in passing, and secret organizations. I shall do my best to fill in the blanks where possible, but those secrets might be hidden away in other crates, perhaps to be unveiled at a later date.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
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Chapter 15

The Howl of the Werewolf, Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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