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Friday vampire dance party

Wilson Pickett: Midnight Hour

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Memorial Day weekend to-do list

1. Honor dead.
2. Mow lawn.
3. Wash dog.
4. Buy gas for grill.
5. Grill.
6. Weed garden.
7. Update blog roll.
8. Drink beer.
9. See a movie, maybe new Indiana Jones.
10. See No. 8.

Germans possessed by demons

This sounds a bit like mass hysteria to me. From The Times of London:

Hundreds of Germans, tortured by inner voices, are on the search for priests who can free them from what they believe to be the grip of the Devil, according to an extraordinary radio documentary that has stirred an awkward debate about exorcism in the Catholic Church.

“Over the past year alone I have received requests from around 350 people who think they are possessed by an evil spirit,” says Father Joerg Mueller, who heads a group of priests, doctors and therapists to deal with the problem. “Therapy hasn’t worked for them; they want exorcism — a prayer that can free them.”

Father Mueller, who is based in a Bavarian monastery, was talking to a team from WDR, the state radio network, which was allowed to record extracts from eight exorcisms.

A Polish exorcist, named only as Father Wiktor, suggested that this was only a fraction of the actual number seeking help.

Dead woman comes back to life

If she starts having visions of the future, I’m believing her.

Associated Press has the story and video.

‘Shadows’ roam the earth

From the BBC:

Mysterious bands of shadow which sometimes pass across the ground during an eclipse might be produced by sound pulses, according to a new theory.

“Shadow bands” have been observed travelling across the ground before and after totality – when the Moon completely covers the Sun.

Many attribute these regular light and dark bands to atmospheric turbulence.

But astrophysicist Dr Stuart Eves thinks the phenomenon could be down to something called infrasound.

One astronomer who has studied “shadow bands” was sceptical of the new idea, however. Professor Barrie Jones, from the Open University in Milton Keynes, said that sound travelled too fast to be responsible for the phenomenon.

Prior to the eclipse totality, the bands are usually seen to pass over the ground in the direction in which the eclipse is travelling.

After totality, the bands are often seen spreading at an angle to the path of the eclipse.

Notice how astronomers never mention possible Elder Gods involvement in phenomenon like this? It’s because they’re in on the coverup conspiracy.

Ghost of Victorian girl causes crashes

From The Telegraph of London:

Paranormal researchers are investigating the sightings of a girl in Victorian dress on a road in the West Midlands, which locals say is an accident blackspot.

The late-night visions are occurring along Oldnall Road in the Halesowen area and are believed to have been responsible for a number of crashes and near-misses in the area in recent years.


“The image had been described as a small girl between the ages of three and five years old and wearing Victorian clothes.

“We are trying to find out any stories locals might have of the area which might explain what or who this could be.”

Local resident Jimmy Lahn, 54, said: “We’ve had quite a few accidents on that road, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ghostly figure has something to do with it.”

Parasearch’s website is here.

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