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French planned invasion of Wales

From Western Mail in Wales:

FORMER Python Terry Jones has helped uncover a plot to land a French invasion force in Wales.

While working on a new television programme, the historian stumbled upon plans to land Louis XIV’s forces on the Mid Wales coast at Aberystwyth.

The 17th century conspiracy – apparently hatched after Charles II had signed the Treaty of Dover in which he plotted with the French King to restore Britain to Catholicism – came as a shock to Colwyn Bay-born Terry and programme makers.

They had thought they were just going to follow an ancient map to see if a roadway depicted still exists today.

Programme producer Alan Ereira said he thought they were in for a gentle, but fascinating trek across Wales using the world’s first road atlas, created by John Ogilby. Ogilby, born in Scotland in 1600, is best known for his Britannia Atlas, which set the standard for those that followed.

But they found something far more sinister – no less than a plot for revolution, which could have plunged England and Wales into a bitter civil war.

“It was a fascinating find,” said Ereira.

There’s a joke there somewhere about France trying to slip in through England’s backdoor but I’ve got a sinus infection and can’t quite nail it.

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