Archive for April 14th, 2008

Dead Birds

Sorry for the lack of weekend posts. Was a busy weekend with family and other activities. I did see a 2004 movie, Dead Birds, which wasn’t bad. It was on late night – can’t remember which channel – and had a few well-done, horrific set pieces. A group of renegade Confederate soldiers commit a violent bank robbery in an Alabama town and then hide out at an abandoned plantation house that turns out to have been owned by a nefarious man who practiced the dark arts through a book filled with runes. Where the movie fell down overall was the robbers took shelter from a thunderstorm at the house. I’m sorry, but hardened men probably would have decided to keep on going through a storm to put miles between them and where they committed the hold up instead of holing up after a few drops of rain began to fall. But in several individual scenes – I don’t want to give spoilers – it was quite effective. Too bad the overall plot didn’t connect as well.

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