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Hello Kitty tombstones

Boing Boing has photo and video of the Hello Kitty! tombstones. There are several tombstones in the graveyard where I jog of very young children. They are surrounded by Barbie dolls and stuffed animals. Always sad to see them.

Scene: The laboratory

[Sparks crawl sinuously up a Jacob’s ladder whilst rows of oversized dials twitch and Erlenmeyer flasks spew dry-ice smoke and bubbles. A theramin wails to sinister strings and muted woodwinds as the camera tracks in on a dissecting table upon which sits a large shrouded object; an enormous arm and hand has flopped out from under the shroud, clearly revealing the object to be a body. A man in a lab coat is hunched over the body, muttering. His back is to the camera. Lightning flashes, and he turns to face the camera…]

At last! Conditions are perfect! Tonight… TONIGHT!


Yes, well… tonight I’ll be upgrading the blog’s software to WordPress 2.5. I’ve been holding off on the upgrade, waiting to see what problems people reported. So far it looks like the sites that have had the most problems are the ones with tons of extra plugins or custom PHP code – that would most decidedly be not us. Additionally, some well-organized site crackers are getting more and more ruthless about exploiting a WP security hole that wasn’t fixed until WordPress 2.3.3 to commit click fraud and boost the Google rankings of the usual spammy suspects of pills, pr0n, warez, and so on. Our site probably isn’t worth their trouble – they’ve been targeting the big players – but still… The time to upgrade has come.

So… I’m shooting for around 10PM PDT; if the site is inaccessible then, that’s what’s happening. I used my personal site as a guinea pig last night, and apart from one plugin crapping out on me, everything went smoothly. Obviously I’m hoping for a repeat performance tonight, but if something goes pear-shaped or I otherwise miss something, shoot me an email at static at this domain name.


[Fade to black.]

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