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Italians find possible Tunguska crater

A scientific team from Italy identified a possible crater from the 1908 Tunguska UFO crash meteor strike paradimensional rift event. From the BBC:

Scientists have identified a possible crater left by the biggest space impact in modern times – the Tunguska event.

The blast levelled more than 2,000 sq km of forest near the Tunguska River in Siberia on 30 June 1908.

A comet or asteroid is thought to have exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere with a force equal to 1,000 Hiroshima bombs.

Now, a University of Bologna team says a lake near the epicentre of the blast may be occupying a crater hollowed out by a chunk of rock that hit the ground.

The blast felled an estimated 80 million trees.

Incan skeleton found in Norway

From Norway’s Aftenposten:

Archeologists in Sarpsborg have found one thousand year old skeletal remains that appear to be Incan.

The skeletal remains were found during conservations work at St. Nicolas church in Sarpsborg, a city 73 kilometers (45 miles) southeast of Oslo, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports.

When archeologists were to move some rose bushes they made the surprising discovery of the remains of two older men and a baby.

“When we were about to take hold under the rose bush the skeletal remains slid out. It was quite surprising,” Mona Beate Buckholm, archeologist at the Borgarsyssel Museum, told NRK.

One of the skulls had characteristics that indicate he was an Inca, the South American people centered in Peru.


The archeologists now plan to try and find out what the man was doing in Østfold, and how he came there.

Kidnapped by Vikings? Incan vacation travel package to Scandinavia?

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