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Haunted Boy Scout cabin

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Note: Image Caption: Summer vacation camp, 1924 : the attack on the haunted house.

Original found New York Public Library.

Ancient crabs live in Roman ruins

From National Geographic:

A freshwater crab haunts the ruins of Trajan’s Forum in Rome late last month.

The Roman crabs—of the species Potamon fluviatile—were discovered in in 1997. Recent findings from an ongoing genetic study suggest the animals may have been around for more than a thousand years before the ancient complex was completed, around A.D. 112.

Researchers came to that conclusion after the discovery that the crabs’ genes are remarkably similar to those of Greek crabs.

Headless Peruvian skeleton found

From National Geographic:

Known for producing giant “Nasca lines” in the earth that depict figures only visible from the sky, the culture is also noted among archaeologists for practicing human sacrifice and displaying modified human heads called trophy heads.

But experts have been divided over whether the heads were taken from enemies in war or from locals offered up for ritual sacrifice.

In 2004 Christina Conlee, an archaeologist at Texas State University, found a rare headless skeleton in a tomb sitting cross-legged with a ceramic “head jar” placed to the left of the body.

The age and condition of both the body and the jar, which is painted with two inverted human faces, suggests that the victim was killed in a rite of ancestral worship, Conlee said.

“This research is important because it provides new information on human sacrifice in the ancient Andes and in particular on decapitation and trophy heads,” she said.

Standard denial from me.

Unknown skeleton found in iceberg

From Canadian Press:

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. (CP) – Marine scientists in Canada and abroad are puzzled by bizarre photographs that appear to show the skeleton of a large mammal jutting out of an iceberg that recently drifted past Newfoundland’s east coast.

The six pictures show what looks like a brown rib cage and spinal column, slightly bent, sticking out of a crust of ice.

But researchers throughout Canada, Greenland and Norway are unable to determine the origin of the skeleton, said Garry Stenson, a marine mammal scientist with the federal Fisheries Department.

“It’s definitely unusual,” Stenson said Monday. “It’s not something that I’ve encountered before.”

Hat tip to Strange Attractor.

‘El Creepo’

The Washington Post has a story on a new documentary about a woman who spurned a man, but then married him after he hired a thug to blind her.

She complains about what a slob he is. He has turned the kitchen into his personal filing cabinet, stuffing his legal files into the cupboards above and below the sink.

“El Creepo,” she calls him with the slightest trace of affection.

Linda and Burt Pugach, just another bickering couple from Queens. Except for these unavoidable facts: Nearly 50 years ago, after Linda spurned him and became engaged to another man, a jury convicted Burt, a lawyer, of hiring a thug to throw lye in her face.

The attack blinded her and sent him to jail. When he got out 14 years later, Burt proposed again. Linda accepted.

On this night, they’re going to the premiere of a new documentary about their journey, as remarkable as it is incomprehensible.


In the annals of notorious New York, that same infernal breeding ground of Donald and Ivana, Woody and Mia and that lug of a Lothario named Joey Buttafuoco, Linda and Burt Pugach occupy haunted terrain all their own.

Every twist of their five-decade saga has inspired a new burst of headlines, from the original 1959 “ACID BLINDS BRIDE-TO-BE” to the 1974 “LINDA, BURT WED; HE BLINDED HER.” In 1997, “BLIND LOVE” was the headline when Linda took the stand in Burt’s defense after he was arrested for threatening a mistress 27 years his junior.

“We’re used to depravity in this city, but this is going one [expletive] step forward,” says Jimmy Breslin, perhaps New York’s most prodigious chronicler of its darker edges. “No one is making anything up, I’m telling you. How could you make this up?” “Crazy Love,” which opens Friday in Washington, has generated a trail of favorable notices. “You can’t tear yourself away from these characters!” exclaimed one reviewer. At the Sundance Film Festival, where Linda and Burt meandered about in matching white minks, the film was nominated for a grand jury prize.


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