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Sherlock Holmes Pub

I was playing on Google Earth like I do sometimes and in the virtual world as in real life I some how ended up in a pub in my travels.

Here’s The Sherlock Holmes Public House in London, one of my favorite places on Earth.

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Spectral Highway

Take a trip down the Spectral Highway, a new horror blog off to a great start.

Blood sucking moths in Finland

Well this bites. From Reuters:

HELSINKI (Reuters) – Global warming is bringing more warmer-climate creatures to Finland, including moths that feast on human blood, according to nature researchers.

Insect-watchers are spotting more and more calpe moths in the Nordic country, which used to be considered too cold for the insects from southeast Asia, Finnish nature magazine “Suomen Luonto” reported in its June edition.

Morocco: 82,000 year old jewelry found

From the Oxford (U.K.) Mail:

Archaeologists from Oxford have discovered what are thought to be the oldest examples of human decorations in the world.

The international team of archaeologists, led by Oxford University’s Institute of Archaeology, have found shell beads believed to be 82,000 years old from a limestone cave in Morocco.

Boba Fett interrupts wedding

I’m surprised Spider-Man and Super Woman didn’t come to the couple’s rescue when the intergalatic bounty hunter crashed the wedding.

Baby werewolf captured

Link. Sure, it’s cute now, but wait until it’s a full moon and you’re running for your life from it.

Hat tip to Fark.

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Missing squirrel returned

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