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Art deco-era pinups

The very lovely Bibi often posts lovely images of classic pinups. Today she introduces readers to the work of Enoch Bolles and sites dedicated to the artist.

Egyptian nude

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Cthulhu-worshipping Nazis

From Fangoria:

Never ones to rest, Griffin and Marr are jumping right into their next feature, a gory supernatural chiller called GRAVEYARD ROT that they plan to lens in Rhode Island in May. The movie will reunite SPLATTER DISCO cast members Nicklin, Brum, Watkins, Aponte and Calcagni. “This one is going to be a real change of pace for us, in terms of style and content,” the director notes. “Unlike our other features, which typically mix horror and comedy, this one is going to really shock the hell out of the audience and go straight for their throats. I’m hoping it’s going to look like an H.P. Lovecraft story directed by Lucio Fulci and produced by Val Lewton. It has fungus zombies, Cthulhu-worshipping Nazis, mad doctors, human sacrifices and other things for the whole family to enjoy!”

Am I the only one who felt his heart flutter at the thought of “fungus zombies, Cthulhu-worshipping Nazis, mad doctors, human sacrifices” all in one movie?

Not a vampire in sight

Scenic photos though.

Students hunt for haunted bridge

A middle school in Louisiana is using a local legend of a haunted bridge to help teach children about how to look up information in a fun way. Columnist Jim Bradshaw of The Daily Advertiser has the details:

The place they’re hunting for is known to them as “Mary Jane’s Bridge,” and they think it is in the New Iberia-Broussard area.

According to legend, Mary Jane was a young girl who was killed by her boyfriend and thrown over the bridge. Every year since then, she had been seen crying on the bridge on Prom Night, wearing her prom gown. The apparition apparently has no feet.

The kids want to know where the bridge is, and what happened to Mary Jane’s feet.

I’d also like to know more about the places you know about that are haunted.

I’m a believer. Photographer Pete Piazza and I had a close encounter with spirits of some sort at Albania Plantation, and a little old lady used to sit in a rocker from time to time in an old home my wife and I lived in for a while.

Wait until they find and visit the haunted site and are attacked by a dangerous ghost. Now that will be an education: in terror.

Some of the columnist’s readers responded:

But only one reader called to say that he had seen Mary Jane.

He’s a retired police officer who asked that his name not be used. He says he vividly recalls seeing her on the bridge during the summer of 1985.

He said he was driving when he “just knew there was someone in front of me.”

He stopped the car, got out, and saw a girl dressed in white with flowing brownish hair standing on the bridge.

“She just stood there and looked at me,” he recalled. “I asked her, ‘Can I help you?’ and she just stood there.”

It was at night in August. He’d turned his car lights off, but there was a full moon to illuminate the scene.

“And it was cold, very cold, on the bridge,” he said. “This was August, I think, but it was very cold.”

I have a premonition of frightened middle schoolers on a dark and lonely bridge some night soon waiting for Mary Jane.

I miss Mary Jane, by the way.

Inferno’s tomb

Inferno's tomb

Title: “The Inferno, Canto 10, lines 40-42: He, soon as there I stood at the tomb’s foot,/ Ey’d me a space, then in disdainful mood/ Address’d me: ‘Say, what ancestors were thine?'” by Gustave Doré (1832-1883).

Original found here.

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Dracula author receives early release

From AP:

IASI, Romania — An American historian sentenced to seven years in prison for sexual perversion and abuse of minors won early release from prison Tuesday because he wrote a book about Dracula, his attorney said.

Kurt W. Treptow of Miami Beach left the prison in this northeastern city in his lawyer’s car after serving less than five years.

He was sentenced to the maximum of seven years in December 2002 for offenses involving two girls, ages 10 and 13, whom he invited into his home in Iasi. A Romanian woman convicted of being his accomplice is still in prison.

Treptow wrote “The Life and Times of Vlad Dracul.” Early release from prison for writing a book makes no sense, particularly when his accomplice remains in prison. However, there is speculation that Treptow had worked for Romania’s espionage service, so perhaps that has more to do with his release than his writing.

Museum features a bloodthirsty king

From the Chicago Sun Times:

The Maya king known as 18-Rabbit threw celebrations that, in the words of one scholar, “would have put Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne to shame.”

It wasn’t about debauchery.

It was about blood.

In the case of the 8th century dedication of his Temple 22 in what is now Honduras, the king pierced himself several times, likely through the tongue, lips and genitals using a type of sharpened volcanic glass. The point, as it were, was to offer to the gods plasma — considered the “mother’s milk” for deities, said Field Museum anthropologist Gary F. Feinman.

Royal women would run thorn-studded string over their tongues for the same reason. “Their belief was that blood was what the supernatural world needed to flourish,” said Feinman.

A bonus was that the loss of blood, combined with drugs the rulers may have taken to dull the pain, would sometimes cause them to hallucinate, which they thought was a form of communication with the all-powerful, he added.

Link to The Field Museum exhibit, opening March 9 in Chicago.

Blood + on Cartoon Network

Blood: the Last Vampire is getting a sequel debuting on March 10 on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Anime News Network has the details:

Set in modern-day Okinawa, the series blending action, suspense and drama is set to premiere on Saturday, March 10, at 12:30 a.m. (ET, PT) on Adult Swim. Blood + is from executive producers Hideo Katsumata and Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and features music from Academy Award-winning composer, Hans Zimmer. Blood + is a half-hour animé series and is produced by Aniplex, Inc., in association with Sony Pictures Television.

High school senior Saya Otonashi doesn’t remember anything that happened before one year ago. Despite the lack of memory, she lives a happy life with her adoptive family–that is, until a blood-sucking vampire called a “chiropteran” attacks her and her brother. The attack triggers the unraveling of her past, and Saya soon discovers that she is the only one who can defeat the chiropterans. With the help of her family, friends and her faithful servant, Hagi, Saya starts to revisit her past life and accepts her role battling the vampires that have plagued Japan for centuries.

Buffy rules the world

Australia’s version of The Onion, the The Chaser, features a story on a grad student with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer problem:

Her still incomplete thesis, entitled The perverse in the Buffyverse: RE:reading Performative Gender Roles and their subversion in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, has become something of an embarrassment to her.

“When I was finishing my Masters in Gender Studies, critical engagement with Buffy was all the rage,” said the 29-year-old industrial music enthusiast.

“I’m going to finish just in time for it to be completely passé. All the important, exciting work now is being done on Angel.”

Five years ago, Wasserman believed that Buffy was a “uniquely nuanced cultural text”, a view she now believes was prompted solely by her enthusiasm for the popular TV show. “I thought that Buffy was a new type of cultural apparatus that could establish the co-ordinates of a more fluid, less repressive form of gendered indentity,” she says. “But looking back, I think I just had the hots for Giles.”

Funny stuff well worth reading in its entirety.

Meanwhile, iFMagzine falls in love with Joss Whedon comic book graphic novel Buffy Season 8’s premiere.

This issue is a great read, and the art is exceptional. Whedon’s writing is as strong as ever, and I can’t wait to see where SEASON EIGHT is going to go. I’m hoping that at least in comics we can have a continuing storyline for Buffy and crew that is creator approved and considered cannon. Plus I hope this is just the first of many new “seasons” ahead.

1897 ‘airship’ tale remains alive

Alients Ate My Buick has the tale of a Victorian-era “airship” sighting that refuses to die even though the original author had admitted it was a hoax long ago. Reminds me of the story of The man who shot Liberty Valance.

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