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Scary music

I’ve been busy for a few days and hadn’t had a chance to check out a site linking to me. I’m really glad I did today. Blogio Oddio has collected numerous links to frightening music, spooky tales and Halloween artwork.

Site status notes (updated)

I’ve disabled the bulletin board/forums, and I’ll be removing the link from the header. It was an interesting idea, but it didn’t attract any attention (except from spammers who tried to register at least 3 times per week…). Oh well, maybe with a little more traffic… I’m going to leave the actual site up so that we can reactivate it easily and not lose our existing forum categories.

Later today I’ll be performing some overdue maintenance on the site – there’s a security-related upgrade to WordPress that I should have installed a while ago, along with some additional (minor) tweaks and changes I’ve been meaning to do. I don’t have an ETA on those changes – I want to experiment with them on another site before inflicting them on you implementing them.

One final note: our host has been having major network problems all month that they’ve been actively trying to resolve. Part of their plan will require about 30 minutes of downtime sometime during the evening of 11 Sept. During this time, this site will not be available. Should I get an actual time for the outage, I’ll update this post with it. Whatever time it winds up being, it’ll be Pacific Daylight Time, so it will probably only affect Left Coast night owls and any of our Asia/Pacific visitors…

That’s all. Hope y’all are having a great weekend.

Update @ 2:05 PM PDT: the WordPress upgrade is complete, the additional mucking about is not… No further word on the time of the site outage.

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