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Frankenstein expert dead at 71

From The Washington Post:

Betty T. Bennett, a literature professor at American University who was a leading authority on the life of “Frankenstein” author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and her circle of friends, died of lung cancer Aug. 12 at Sibley Memorial Hospital. She was 71.

Dr. Bennett’s decades-long scholarly fascination with Shelley — author at 19 of the Gothic classic and widow at 24 of English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley — made her somewhat of a literary sleuth. Her search for letters and intimate details of Shelley’s life took her across 158,000 miles and three continents.

“I’ve been to all the places where Mary Shelley went. I’ve been in the houses where she lived. I’ve seen the mountains and the lakes she admired,” she told The Washington Post in 1991.

Her scholarly discoveries were revealed in several well-received articles and books, including the three-volume “The Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley,” which she edited and published from 1980 to 1988. The books contain nearly 1,300 letters, some 500 of which were previously unpublished and 12 of which Dr. Bennett uncovered in the manuscript archives of a library in Sydney. Those dozen letters gave Dr. Bennett further evidence of Shelley’s knowledge of British politics, the meaning of her novel “Frankenstein” and her feminist views. Shelley died in 1851 at 54.

Entire obit well worth the click.

The Baker Street Irregulars are on the case

The Baker Street Irregulars take the lead in this Sherlock Holmes tale written for younger readers.

The GOP needs me

You’ve probably seen by now the GOP has decided to turn Markos, Maryscott and Devilstower into the boogeymen to scare their base into voting for their candidates.

When you’ve played the terrorism card one too many times, you have to find something new to scare the public with to keep attracting them. (Same thing happened to Universal Studios in the 1940s.)

So as a creator of horror I offer my services.

I’m a much better boogey man than either kos or DT.

I’ve called for President Bush’s resignation and wrote a profanity-laced tirade about Karl Rove. I’m pro-gay marriage (why should heteros be the only ones to suffer?)), anti-war and opposed to dictatorships.

Ken Mehlman, call me. I’ll even write the copy for you.

This is the face of the Daily Kos blogger out to destroy the reign of our beloved Dear Leader.

Image Hosted by
versus this:

Moulitsas: “I’m still playing catchup after my very relaxing, very nice vacation.”

Image Hosted by

He looks like the kind of guy that when he shows up at the door to take your daughter out on a date you breath a sigh of relief! How the hell is that supposed to strike terror into the Red Voters?!?

Face it, I should be the boogeyman on the GOP site.

So in 200 words or less, explain why you should have been chosen by the GOP to frighten their voters into line.

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