Archive for August 20th, 2006

FinalGirl’s final post before hitting the road

Like the beginning of the horror movies she loves, Stacie has taken off for the open road for a vacation.

I’ve seen waaaay too many horror movies to wander too far from the beaten path! I fully intend to expose Area 51 to the world, however.

I would say the typical person would be doomed taking such a trip what with so many hockey-mask wearing serial killers hiding in the bushes.

But I have a strong feeling Stacie will survive. She is Final Girl, afterall.

The Thing (from Another World)!

Via Exclamation Mark’s Vintage Sci-Fi/Horror Reviews, comes this excellent post about The Thing (from Another World)!, one of my all-time favorite movies in any genre, over at Greenbriar Picture Shows, which also has fantastic photos of how the movie exhibitors promoted the fillm.

Also, don’t miss the information about Hawks in the comments either.


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