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Spooky Japanese story

From Japan Times Online:

Take this account, related by a sales clerk at a Tokyo mall.

“It was about 8 p.m., and I was powdering my nose in the ladies room,” she tells Spa! “I saw a man’s face reflected in the mirror; but when I whirled around, nobody was there. When store security checked the security video, no one else was in it except me! But I was absolutely certain I’d seen him: He was in his late 20s and not bad looking, but had a kind of greenish pallor and his hair was a mess.

“Then, about three weeks later, our store apprehended a shoplifter, who I recognized as the guy who I’d seen in the mirror! He was taken to the police station and they contacted his father. I said to the father, ‘Your son had been in our store not long before,’ but the man insisted that was impossible. ‘My son has been institutionalized, and this is the first time in three months he’s been allowed out.’ “

“In front of the police station the father went to flag a taxi, and the son spoke to me for the first time. ‘It was nice seeing you again,’ he said, with this weird smile. It gave me such a shock I was afraid to be alone for a while after that.”

Egypt’s sunken treasures exhibited in Germany

National Geographic Online has a video exhibit well worth the click. (You have to watch a short commercial first.)

Hat tip to Fortean Times.

Vampire Story

The new vampire RPG/adventure game Vampire Story makes me yearn for the nights when I had time to play games.

BBC adds Dracula series to schedule

This should be good.

LONDON – David Suchet, star of ITV’s ‘Poirot’, will head the cast as vampire hunter Van Helsing in a new BBC One adaptation of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.

The world’s most famous Vampire will be played by Marc Warren, star of the hit BBC1 drama ‘Hustle’, and filming will begin this month on location in the west country for transmission later in the year.


BBC Wales head of drama Julie Gardner, said: “Stewart Harcourt’s adaptation is a visceral, sexy and bold re-telling of Bram Stoker’s classic chiller, which will blow the cobwebs off traditional period drama and we’ve brought together a cast of thrilling young talent to bring it to life.”

Executive producer Damien Timmer added: “Stewart Harcourt’s extraordinary script introduces some bold new elements and unexpected twists to the Dracula legend. It’s emotionally hugely powerful and genuinely terrifying.”

Here’s hoping BBC America carries it.

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