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You lot go watch these Life On Mars trailers

I’m telling you, you guys have got to check out the BBC’s Life On Mars. Sam is an inspector in Manchester in 2006 who is hit by a car while investigating a case. He is either a time traveler or in a coma, but he’s back in 1973 working for the police. And they have a lot different way of working cases than they do in 2006. Curt at The Groovy Age of Horror would love this show, I think.

Here’s a trailer. Here’s another. And here’s an extended scene with a corpse. You lot go check ’em out, right.

Autumn Moon debuts

Autumn Moon, a rock musical horror thriller about werewolves, debuted tonight in Greenwich Village.

On the eve of his 25th birthday, a young man named Lycan is troubled by increasingly tormenting nightmares. Desperate for answers, he turns to a psychic who reveals that, as a result of a deal struck by one of his ancestors with the devil, Lycan is destined to transform into a bloodthirsty werewolf with each full moon, starting on his 25th birthday. Through supernatural means, Lycan journeys backwards in time to one of his past lives in an attempt to break the curse.

Now that’s my idea of a musical.

Slaughtered Lamb

The Poughkeepsie Journal reviews the Slaughtered Lamb in Greenwich Village, New York.

At first glance, the Slaughtered Lamb Pub in Greenwich Village looks like any other British-style bar.

But then there’s the skeleton hanging by a dungeon entrance — and you know this place is a little bit different.

Owned by the same people who run The Jekyll & Hyde Club uptown, Slaughtered Lamb has just a few touches that make the theme come alive.

I love The Jekyll & Hyde Club and the Slaughtered Lamb despite their cheesiness or maybe because of it. Ms. Carnacki and I spent our honeymoon in New York and our wedding night dinner at The Jekyll & Hyde Club…and she’s not a horror fan like I am.

But more than the quasi-spooky decor, it’s the laid-back bartender and staff and wide cast of characters who wander through the door that make Slaughtered Lamb a fun hangout. Reflecting its location in the eclectic Village, everyone from the tourist to the Wall Street suit to the punked-out chick with chains walks in for a drink.

Instead of falling into the “cheesy theme bar” trap, Slaughtered Lamb deftly sidesteps the designation into a subtle, kitschy place to grab a pint and hang out (but don’t tell that to the guy in shackles on the wall).

Here is the official site.

Death writes a diary

Death posted on a blog to open a dialogue and to discuss ways that Death is making a killing in profits.

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