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The Vampire Within

Drew Silver is the author of the newly released The Vampire Within, a vampire story set on a college campus where a genetic experiment has gone awry.

We’re always eager to help promote authors and creative types and she agreed to answer some questions for The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire.

MotHV: What gave you the idea to write The Vampire Within?

Silver: I’ve been a huge fan of vampires my entire life. As I’ve gotten older, the parallels between the world we live in and the vampire world are quite interesting. Vampires are powerful, usually wealthy, and let’s not forget beautiful individuals that can live forever. They have this charismatic attribute that only enhances their almost flawless existence. A lot of us wish for similar things. We want to have more money so that we can have more control and power. We want to enhance our appearance to flawless perfection. If that wasn’t true, cosmetic surgery wouldn’t even exist except for medical necessity. It’s in our blood to strive for a better life and when I realized that connection, it started me on the path to writing The Vampire Within.

MotHV: What is your favorite part of writing?

Silver: Writing is a way to release my imagination and share it with others. I love developing stories that the reader can get lost in and hopefully treasure for a long time.

MotHV: What was the most frustrating part?

Silver: Time has to be the most frustrating part. There never seems to be enough of it. When I was writing The Vampire Within: The Beginning, I was working 8 hours at my ‘day’ job and then going home writing 8 to 10 more hours. I was spending very little time doing anything else. Now, I love writing, but when your dog just looks at you with a toy in his mouth as if asking ‘Are you going to play with me today?’ it’s heartbreaking. I had to cut back and remember why I was working so hard. Time is a precious gift and there is never enough hours in the day to write all that I want to.

MotHV: The Vampire Within is the first in a trilogy. What made you decide to write a trilogy?

Silver: When I started working on The Vampire Within and developing the characters that would take the reader through the story, I realized that trying to restrict the story to one book would be an injustice to those investing their time into reading the book. I knew the story would easily fill three books so I opted to do the trilogy. As a writer, I just want to tell a great story and have my readers enjoy the journey.

MotHV: What were some of the inspirations for your story?

Silver: My family is always an inspiration. For example, two of the characters are Justin and Jennifer. They’re a strong couple up against incredible odds, but their devotion to each other is evident in everything they do. My brother and his wife have that type of relationship. You can see it when you look at them that they’re completely in love. I wanted to make sure that there was a relationship like that in The Vampire Within. I also had a fantastic psychology professor in college who really believed in what she was teaching. She expected her students to be great and she gave her all in every class period. Of course, she expected us to give our all as well. It was an amazing experience so I included a psychology professor as a supporting character. It didn’t feel right without that presence in the book.

MotHV: What would you like to say about your book to encourage people to read it?

Silver: I’ve written this book with every type of individual in mind. There will be at least one character that a reader will relate to. This isn’t a story that’s been told a hundred times. It’s a fresh perspective on an old-time favorite. It weaves today’s breakthroughs with the questions of ‘what if?’; It also makes the reader question what would they do if confronted with the same facts as these characters in the story are. I think when a story can make you do that, it’s worth reading. I also encourage everyone to download the first two chapters from and to check out the reviews on Amazon. And I encourage people to email me if they have questions. It’s everyone out buying books that have allowed me to fulfill my dream of being a writer and for that I am forever grateful.

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