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Bat out of Hell

It’s sweltering hot. For some reason, it made me think of Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell.

The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling
Way down in the valley tonight
Theres a man in the shadows with a gun in his eye
And a blade shining oh so bright
Theres evil in the air and theres thunder in the sky
And a killers on the bloodshot streets
And down in the tunnel where the deadly are rising
Oh I swear I saw a young boy
Down in the gutter
He was starting to foam in the heat

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Don’t Be Afraid To Comment…

I won’t bite…hard.

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Native American ghost stories sought

From Native American Times:

Many of my Indian relatives were sent away to boarding schools—many of yours too, perhaps. Even you yourself. And while we have all heard stories of life at these harsh institutions, we have heard few stories about death.

I mean ghost stories.

Given the history of some of these schools and the sadness and suffering and despair, it is only natural that there also exists a good many ghost stories, which have remained mostly untold.

For instance, my second cousin, who attended the Wrangell Institute for Alaska Native children in the late 1940s, remembers how sometimes he and other children saw the spirits of ancient Tlingit warriors gliding across the school grounds. It turns out that the school was built on or near an ancient Tlingit burial ground

Ghost ship heads towards Alaska

From Car and Driver:

A disabled ship, abandoned by its crew and carrying nearly 5,000 autos, is drifting toward Alaska’s Aleutian Islands chain, the Associated Press reported.

The Cougar Ace, a Singapore-flagged ship, likely had discharged too much water from ballast tanks at the bottom of the vessel, causing it to suddenly list in the space of 10 minutes, the story said. Unable to right the ship, its 23 person crew abandoned the task and was hoisted to safety by helicopter.

Look for a sale on banged up Mazdas soon. That is, if they aren’t parked in Davy Jones’ Parking Lot.

Life On Mars

I’m really digging this cool BBC show Life On Mars. So far two episodes have played on BBC America. I’m resisting the urge to read ahead to find out what happens.

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