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Mysterious stone remains mystery

Experts still do not know what to make of carved rock reputedly discovered in 1872 in New Hampshire.

The American Naturalist suggested that the stone “commemorates a treaty between two tribes.” Others have guessed the stone is Celtic or Inuit. A letter to the historical society in 1931 suggested it was a “thunderstone,” which, the writer said, “always present the appearance of having been machined or hand-worked: frequently they come from deep in the earth, embedded in lumps of clay, or even surrounded by solid rock or coral.”

Notice no one mentions a possible Cthulhu connection? Although the Inuit reference comes close to revealing much more than the author might have intended. The Cthulhu cult coverup continues.

Clearwater Monster mystery solved

And they would have gotten away with it…wait, they did get away with it. From The Associated Press

CLEARWATER, Fla. (July 22) – Sixty years ago this summer, something scary happened on the beach. A monster emerged from the Gulf of Mexico and wandered around in the dark.

Tip of the fedora to The Daily Grail.

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