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Deepest condolences

To dearest Jane at Fire Dog Lake on the loss of her mother.

Blade on Spike

More on the Blade series coming to Spike TV.

Vampires invade New Zealand

More details on the vampire flick 30 Days of Night. Apparently New Zealand is a stand in for Alaska.

A love letter to Karl Rove

The Grit

Karl Rove: “The Internet for the Left of the Democratic Party has served as a way to mobilize hate and anger — hate and anger, first and foremost, at this President and Conservatives, but then also at people within their own party whom they consider to be less than completely loyal to this very narrow, very out-of-the-mainstream, very far Left-wing ideology that they tend to represent.”


Dr. Mathias: [referring to Dr. Simon Tam who has just helped his sister, River Tam, escape] “Gave up a brilliant future in medicine as well. It’s madness.”
The Operative: “Madness?”
[Ambles over to the holographic projection of River and Simon escaping through an air vent]
The Operative: “Have you looked at this scan carefully, Doctor? At his face? It’s love, in point of fact. Something a good deal more dangerous.”

1 Corinthians

13 But now faith, hope, and love remain-these three. The greatest of these is love.

Dear Mr. Rove,

You recently described the blogs on the left as mobilized over “hate and anger.”

I know you didn’t mean it. It is just another of your Orwellian lies. But in case anyone on your side politically believes you, I thought I should explain the difference between love and hate.

Hate is telling someone who they can and cannot love and hold, in sickness and health and for better or worse.

Hate is accusing widows that they were happy when their husbands died in the attacks that your boss failed to take action to prevent despite numerous warnings he had received.

Hate is comparing the murder, rape, torture and degradation of fellow human beings as no different than a fraternity hazing.

Hate is lying to the nation in order to lead the people into an unjust and unnecessary war.

That is hate.

You see, I’m angry because I do love my country. I love her Constitution. I love her people in all their glorious variety.

If I did not love, I would not struggle so hard to stop you. I would simply walk away. I would be apathetic. I would surrender.

But I love.

I love my ability to speak my mind. I love my privacy. I love my daughters so I want them to be treated fairly and equally. I love peace. I love my friends. I love the truth. I love scientific discovery.

We fight for the things we hold dear: our brothers in arms; our families; our nation; our liberty.

You mistake us, sir. We are not motivated by hate. We are motivated by love. And that should frighten you.

Virgins no longer insured for Christ’s return

From The BBC:

Insurers have withdrawn the cover on their virginity taken out by three sisters in the event of the second coming of Christ.

Essex-based confirmed it had provided the £1m policy, but said it was reviewed on Thursday following complaints.


The cover was meant to pay for the cost of bringing up Christ if one of them has a virgin birth. managing director Simon Burgess said it had not been the company’s intention to offend anyone.


Mr Burgess said: “The people were concerned about having sufficient funds if they immaculately conceived. It was for caring and bringing up the Christ.

The insurer dropped their coverage because of protests from the Catholic Church.

The premium would have paid out 1 million pounds if one of the sisters had conceived and born the second coming of Christ, but the burden of proof was upon them. However, wasn’t finding proof one of the problems the first time around?

Hat tip to The Daily Grail.

UFO hacker tells of his discoveries

Gary McKinnon awaits extradition in Britain to the United States for hacking into NASA’s computers. While waiting, he discussed his discoveries to Wired News:

WN: What sort of evidence?

McKinnon: A NASA photographic expert said that there was a Building 8 at Johnson Space Center where they regularly airbrushed out images of UFOs from the high-resolution satellite imaging. I logged on to NASA and was able to access this department. They had huge, high-resolution images stored in their picture files. They had filtered and unfiltered, or processed and unprocessed, files.

My dialup 56K connection was very slow trying to download one of these picture files. As this was happening, I had remote control of their desktop, and by adjusting it to 4-bit color and low screen resolution, I was able to briefly see one of these pictures. It was a silvery, cigar-shaped object with geodesic spheres on either side. There were no visible seams or riveting. There was no reference to the size of the object and the picture was taken presumably by a satellite looking down on it. The object didn’t look manmade or anything like what we have created. Because I was using a Java application, I could only get a screenshot of the picture — it did not go into my temporary internet files. At my crowning moment, someone at NASA discovered what I was doing and I was disconnected.

I also got access to Excel spreadsheets. One was titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” It contained names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I’ve never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.

Happy summer day!

Yes I’m a day late. I’ve been busy, busy, busy.

Revelers gathered at my favorite mysterious stone monument, Stonehenge, to greet the sunrise.

From ABC News:

Thousands of dancing and drumming revelers cheered the summer solstice at Stonehenge as an orange sliver of sun rose Wednesday.

Cloudy skies, dense fog and spurts of rain did not seem to dampen the energy of those who bobbed and swayed to cheerful beats with arms outstretched and shouts of “Feel the solstice!”

About 19,000 New Agers, present-day druids and partygoers gathered inside and around the ancient circle of towering stones to greet the longest day in the northern hemisphere as the sun struggled to peek out against a smoky gray sky.

“This is the nearest thing I’ve got to religion,” said Ray Meadows, 34, of Bristol, England. The solstice “is a way of giving thanks to the earth and the universe.”

Meadows, wearing a wreath of pink carnations over long pink hair-wrapped braids, identified herself as a fairy of the Tribe of Frog.

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