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“Come up to the lab and/See what’s on the slab”

And what a stylish slab, indeed… Presenting the Brotron Hydraulic Robo-Slab, yours for a mere US$1150 (note: you’ll have to allow pop-ups for the site).

Brotron Hydraulic Robo-Slab

“Tired of surgery tables that crumple like tinfoil under the thrashing of a damaged robot? Then you need the Brotron Hydraulic Robo-Slab.”

A bargain, I tell you – if your budget for mad-scientristry can’t cover this puppy, you don’t deserve to be a mad scientist. I daresay that you should even have enough left over to cover the purchase of a Brotron Atomic Blaster or two… That’ll show those torch-wielding primitives a thing or two when they come to storm your castle. 

True, you might have to reduce your corps of flying robot monkeys by a platoon or so, but really – can you afford to not have these beautifully-crafted instruments at your disposal?

[via PZ]

When Chupacabras attack!

How did we miss this treasure trove of creepy, cryptozoological goodness? Two years ago, a farmer on the outskirts of San Antonio, TX reported that he’d shot and killed a Chupacabra… and he had the pictures to prove it.

More here, and a local TV station went postively goofy over the story here… Enter “Chupacabra” in their search box, and you get over a dozen stories.


King Tut’s necklace: the scarab from outer space

No, really, it is… it’s meteoric glass:

LONDON: Scientists believe they have solved the mystery surrounding a piece of rare natural glass at the centre of an elaborate necklace found among the treasures of Tutankhamun, the boy pharaoh.

They think a fragile meteorite broke up as it entered the atmosphere, producing a fireball with temperatures over 1800C that turned the desert sand and rock into molten lava that became glass when it cooled.   

Experts have puzzled over the origin of the yellow-green glass — carved into the shape of a scarab beetle — since it was excavated in 1922 from the tomb of the teenage king, who died about 1323BC.

Now that’s cool…

Site upgrade in progress…

It should be done shortly – you may feel a momentary discomfort.

Update: 28-June-2006 20:08 – Done! I bet you didn’t even feel a thing. 

Underwater city of the dead

From Forbes:

This Disneyland for the dead is the curious fixation of Gary Levine, 58, who used to build docks and seawalls but is a bit new to the burial business. Once it’s complete, the site will span 15 acres of ocean floor and consist of five concentric circles, based loosely on an account of Atlantis in Plato’s dialogue Timaeus. Levine has planned 40 themed areas, including love, education, the military and the zodiac, all overseen by a bronze display of winged lions and three dolphins pulling a chariot of the Greek sea god, Poseidon.

Just cremate me and scatter my ashes on a beach. Much cheaper and more dignified than an underwater cemetery theme park.

NASA photographs unknown object

Could you move your ship? We’re trying to take a picture.

Hat tip to the Daily Grail.

P.S. No I don’t think it’s a UFO. I’m agnostic when it comes to such things.

‘Remnants of a sophisticated culture’

Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs to the courtesy phone please. From The Associated Press:

AO PAULO, Brazil – A grouping of granite blocks along a grassy Amazon hilltop may be the vestiges of a centuries-old astronomical observatory — a find archaeologists say indicates early rainforest inhabitants were more sophisticated than previously believed.

The 127 blocks, some as high as 9 feet tall, are spaced at regular intervals around the hill, like a crown 100 feet in diameter.

On the shortest day of the year — Dec. 21 — the shadow of one of the blocks, which is set at an angle, disappears.

“It is this block’s alignment with the winter solstice that leads us to believe the site was once an astronomical observatory,” said Mariana Petry Cabral, an archaeologist at the Amapa State Scientific and Technical Research Institute. “We may be also looking at the remnants of a sophisticated culture.”

Ann Arbor opens doors to fairies

Michigan suddenly gets all old-school supernatural on us:

For many, they are merely a passing flight of fancy, flittering about the childhood imagination and dissolving on impact into sceptical adulthood. Who in their right mind believes in fairies? Well, for fairy researcher Jonathan Wright, a 46-year-old storyteller and illustrator, and fellow residents of the quaint but quirky Michigan town of Ann Arbor (all of whom are in full control of their mental faculties), fairies are as real as the tiny doors that have been mysteriously popping up around town – numbering at least 20 to date.

The inside of a coffee shop; under a toy shop window; even inside Wright’s own home – they are all locations of “urban fairy” dwellings. Wright says he first discovered one of the six-inch doors under his staircase in 1993. His daughter uncovered another, which opened onto a room with its own miniature fireplace. Their fame is spreading far and wide – even the Washington Post has covered their arrival. But whose handiwork is behind them? There are no eyewitness reports of anyone – man, woman or fairy – erecting the doors.

Wright, though, claims to have the answer. He says that urbanisation caused the displacement of woodland, forest and flower fairies. While house hunting, the winged ones came across Ann Arbor, an eccentric locality that celebrates the liberation of cannabis at its annual Hash Dash. These bohemian urban dwellers have welcomed the teeny fairy community, Wright says, with many locals enquiring how they can get a fairy door of their own (indeed, this is the most frequently asked question according to Wright’s website –

Horror on Sirius

I’m jealous. I’ve got XM Radio (although I do get the Sirius music channels with my satellite TV service. This sounds really cool.

Evil Mommy on the move

Evil Mommy has a new look. Check it out.


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