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Android breaks down on newscast, tries to summon Cthulhu

That’s certainly one credible theory.

Hawass out

There’s very few Egyptian posts on this site that also didn’t have his name tied to them because of his penchant for publicity. New York Times:

Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s powerful and controversial antiquities chief, resigned on Thursday along with the prime minister, after posting on his Web site for the first time a list of dozens of sites that have been looted since the beginning of the uprising that led to the fall of President Hosni Mubarak.

Reached by telephone, Mr. Hawass said he was happy that he had made the “right decision” in resigning and lashed out at colleagues who have criticized him, including one who has accused him of smuggling antiquities.

Egyptian Army guarding pyramids

National Geographic has an interesting story on the protection of the tombs.

Of course, this is probably a cover story and the truth probably is the army was called in to protect people from the unspeakable horrors that lurk in the tombs.

Romania cracks down on witches

This seems like a rather dangerous step to take:

BUCHAREST, Romania – There’s more bad news in the cards for Romania’s beleaguered witches.

A month after Romanian authorities began taxing them for their trade, the country’s soothsayers and fortune tellers are cursing a new bill that threatens fines or even prison if their predictions don’t come true.

Superstition is a serious matter in the land of Dracula, and officials have turned to witches to help the recession-hit country collect more money and crack down on tax evasion.

Witches argue they shouldn’t be blamed for the failure of their tools.

“They can’t condemn witches, they should condemn the cards,” Queen Witch Bratara Buzea told The Associated Press by telephone.

It’s the poor workman that blames the tools. However, I won’t be surprised to see a newt outbreak in Romania soon as the witches strike back.

Condemn the use of white phosphorus

As founder and spokesman of the Vampire Defense League, I strongly condemn the use of white phosphorus against the living and the Undead. From the comments at The Washington Post:

“They used US taxpayer dollars to incinerate 1,400 women and children with white phosphorus weapons.”

That was a very important battle in Israel’s ongoing war with its troublesome vampire population. There are many more efficient and cheaper ways to kill 1400 humans, but for the vamps, few things are better than flaming white phosphorous. Of course the undead survivors would try and turn the PR around against the forces standing up to them.

Accidents happen

Marilyn Coyne’s last dance

From the Boston Globe:

NORTH READING – Marilyn Coyne survived the Depression with little food and no heat in her parents’ flat in Portland, Maine. She married and sent four kids to college. She saw her husband and one of their children die. And, in November, after three years of fighting breast cancer, she was told by a doctor that she had months to live.

In hospice care and losing weight in recent weeks as the cancer crept through her body, she confided to a hospice volunteer that she had a last wish, something that recalled summer nights of her childhood and joy with her husband. She wanted a final square dance.

Yesterday, her wish came true. Coyne donned a floral skirt, a crimson petticoat, and a red peasant shirt, and walked to the center of a nursing room social hall, where nine professional square-dancers, dressed in cowboy shirts and calico, waited for her.

It had been a decade since she last clasped hands with a partner, but as music played, the elfin Coyne deftly followed the dance caller’s instructions of allemande left, promenade, and do-si-do. After five minutes of swinging her partner, and singing along with “She’ll Be Com ing ‘Round the Mountain,” Coyne let her thin, 82-year-old frame fall into a padded wooden chair and took a deep breath.

“That,” she sighed, “was wonderful.”

Entire story well-worth reading.

Embers the size of bricks

Imagine them raining down on you…flying everywhere on the gusty 40-70 mile per hour winds. Hovering helicopters shining down bright lights and blaring a warning sound. The smoke clogging up your nostrils and choking your throat. The feel of your blood pulsing through your body is echoed in your ears. Bum Bump. Bum Bump. Bum Bump. Faster. Faster. Driving across town to a safer place is like driving through a snow storm in hell. The heat increasing in ebbs and flows and white ash so plentiful it blurs your ability to see where you are driving. Fear starts to creep into your psyche. True fear, not the Hollywood version of “boo” and fake gore. It starts to creep into your stomach and creates an ache of incredible depth. You keep swallowing to keep the fear down…then you realize you are dehydrated…your eyes, nose and throat are bone dry from the heat. Your only thought is to get out…get out…as far as possible. And, then when you are out, you think of all you left behind. Memories. Photos. History. Stuff. Then you start worrying about your friends and pray they are OK.

Forget War….Wildfires are Hell.

The Tea Fire in Montecito

It’s Halloween….

Do you know how your local bat colony is doing? Many across the country are dying from White Nose Syndrome and no one knows what to do.

A mold that gives hibernating bats fuzzy, white noses turns out to be a previously unknown form of cold-loving fungus. And it may be a cold-blooded killer too.

…White-nose syndrome, described only in the last two years, strikes its victims during their winter hibernation. Bats cuddled along the walls of caves or mines develop a white fuzz on their noses and wings, grow gaunt and then die.

…Hibernation sites struck by the syndrome lose 80 to 100 percent of their bats on average, Moore says. Northeastern bats hunt insects, including some pests, she says, so a sudden bat deficit “could be a huge problem.” – ScienceNews

Voting from her death bed

No matter your political views, this is a moving story of a South Carolina woman’s determination to cast her vote.

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