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Shiver Cthulhu’s timbers!

I confess I had similar thoughts when I first saw the trailer for the new  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Coming Attractions has a Q&A with Bill Nighy (you might remember him from Underworld or Shaun of the Dead):

CS: At that point, did you realize that your face would be obscured by octopus or squid tentacles?
There were various drawings and yeah, it was plainly never going to resemble me, which is always a good thing. (That’s a joke.) But he kind of evolved. I can’t remember, but the early pictures, he always had some kind of growth coming out of his chin. I don’t know if they were actually tentacles at the very beginning. I think that was a later idea, which is brilliant actually, because the tentacles live, they have a life, and they can do stuff. They are extremely unsettling and scary, which is basically Davy Jones’ job in the movie, to put the fear of God into people.

CS: Did Jones intentionally have a Lovecraftian look and does his appearance have anything to do with Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythology?
No, it’s funny. I sort of thought in that area. I don’t know for sure, you’d have to ask them, but it would seem that it’s the kind of world that might have informed them.

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