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Monsters on the loose in Philadelphia

I had considered letting Philadelphia host Yearly Carnacki next year (previous host cities Harpers Ferry, Baltimore and Washington), but Philadelphia apparently is dangerous.

Bloody, Satanic case baffles Italian police

From The Guardian:

Police and prosecutors in northern Italy are wrestling with a mystery that brings together a man with memory loss, evidence of devil worship and a blood-drenched apartment.

One evening earlier this month, a dishevelled young man wandered into a Carabinieri barracks at Vercelli, between Turin and Milan. He said he had no idea who he was, or why he was there.

Three days earlier, on March 16, the owner of a bed-sit outside Bergamo, more than 70 miles away, had broken into the flat. The tenant had not paid his rent and she wanted to know if he was still there.

She found a scene of pure horror. The apartment was in chaos and there were signs everywhere that it had been used for a satanic rite.

There were upturned crosses, and the walls and floor were smothered with esoteric symbols written in blood. Police forensic experts estimated that as much as 3l had been splashed around.

Entire story well worth the click of the link.

Faces of evil

‘Evil comes in the most adorable packages.’

I’ve been there and must agree.

On bearing witness

George W. Bush at a press conference Aug. 8, 2006:

“You know, nobody likes to see innocent people die. Nobody wants to turn on their TV on a daily basis and see havoc wrought by terrorists.”

Barbara Bush on “Good Morning America” March 18, 2003:

“Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? Oh, I mean, it’s not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”

It has been said that George W. Bush takes after his mother. I am not a psychologist and I won’t pretend to understand this strange lack of empathy that they share for others.

But read President Bush’s quote again: “You know, nobody likes to see innocent people die. Nobody wants to turn on their TV on a daily basis and see havoc wrought by terrorists.”

What he does not say is “Nobody wants innocent people to die.”

He does not say it because the loss of innocent life apparently is not  important to him. What is important is that nobody sees it.

This is more than just semantics. Tens of thousands of Iraqis who never had anything to do with the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, Saddam Hussein, terrorism, crime of any sort, have died in Bush’s illegal, unjust and unnecessary war.

It is the loss of innocent lives that is appalling. Americans should see the results of this tragedy. Then perhaps people would be less eager for war, less eager to seek military action against Iran. If people saw the results of war on their televisions — not the far off drifting smoke from distant explosions, but the horrific results — perhaps people would support diplomacy and negotiation at every opportunity and war would be seen only as a failure of effort and not a cause to support.

Despite the war not being seen in all its graphic horror, Americans have turned against the war. Of course President Bush (nor his mother)  does not want us to see the casualties. Because if we did, we’d see how much of their blood covers George W. Bush’s hands. And the stain of innocent blood can never be washed clean.

To his crimes, we should all bear witness.

You lot go watch these Life On Mars trailers

I’m telling you, you guys have got to check out the BBC’s Life On Mars. Sam is an inspector in Manchester in 2006 who is hit by a car while investigating a case. He is either a time traveler or in a coma, but he’s back in 1973 working for the police. And they have a lot different way of working cases than they do in 2006. Curt at The Groovy Age of Horror would love this show, I think.

Here’s a trailer. Here’s another. And here’s an extended scene with a corpse. You lot go check ’em out, right.


From the White House press briefing July 27:

Q In terms of world opinion, you keep saying the “what if” game, if it seems as though the strategy is to isolate Hezbollah. Is there a risk with the United States and Israel gets isolated in terms of world opinion by not saying, let’s cut the shooting now, cut the rockets now, and work it out? I hear what you’re saying about —

MR. SNOW: Let me counterpose.    There’s an even greater danger that if the U.S. looks ineffective in doing this, that you not only have a loss in terms of world opinion, but credibility.  And you cannot — we’ve said it many times, you cannot run foreign policy on the basis of public opinion polls.    Quite often there are perceptions that people may get from fractional coverage of the situation that don’t expose the real realities on the ground.    We are in very constant consultation with people in the region to try to find out exactly what the facts are.

From The New York Times:

Now, with hundreds of Lebanese dead and Hezbollah holding out against the vaunted Israeli military for more than two weeks, the tide of public opinion across the Arab world is surging behind the organization, transforming the Shiite group’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, into a folk hero and forcing a change in official statements.

The Saudi royal family and King Abdullah II of Jordan, who were initially more worried about the rising power of Shiite Iran, Hezbollah’s main sponsor, are scrambling to distance themselves from Washington.

Listen. Some where at this moment in Israel or Lebanon or Iraq, a father like me is wailing in agony because his child is dead from an explosion or gun shot.

With each birth of my daughters I thought my heart would swell and explode through my chest because I was so filled with so much love and happiness by their arrival.  I love my life, but if I ever had to trade it to keep one of them safe from harm, I would make that bargain with a glad heart for I love them so.

And some where in Lebanon or Israel or Iraq, a father who felt the same way about one of his children is holding a still-form. No torment in hell holds worse suffering.

Listen. Close your eyes and listen. You can hear his screams even here on the other side of the world.

The world should stop spinning in orbit to hear such a tormented soul’s cry of despair.

Dear Lord, people are dead because the president failed to listen. Children are dead. They cannot listen. They cannot hear their father’s cries. They cannot hear their mother’s desperate screams to come back to them. They cannot hear their brothers and sisters calling out their names.

Listen. Diplomacy begins with listening to each other. George W. Bush just wants to speak and have people follow his orders rather than listen.

Listening never killed anybody.

He did not listen to those who warned of the dangers of invading Iraq.

He did not listen to the screams of the tortured.

No, he believes he can govern by photo ops. They do not require him to listen.

So when Bush’s spokesman speaks of a “greater danger,” what danger is he speaking of? There is no danger in asking people to stop killing each other and to sit down and listen. What is more dangerous than the bombs dropping and the gun shots flying? Snow claims that the administration is in consultation with people, but certainly the Lebanese people will no longer listen to us. They are going to listen to Hezbollah for standing up to those that sent the bombs that were dropped on them.

The same is true for the Israelis and the Iraqis. They are not going to want to listen to those that shipped death and destruction their way.

And so the world trembles at the anguish of the fathers and mothers with their children dead. You can hear them, but Bush cannot. He does not listen.


Clearwater Monster mystery solved

And they would have gotten away with it…wait, they did get away with it. From The Associated Press

CLEARWATER, Fla. (July 22) – Sixty years ago this summer, something scary happened on the beach. A monster emerged from the Gulf of Mexico and wandered around in the dark.

Tip of the fedora to The Daily Grail.

The Cons

The Bride of Acheron channels Edgar Allen Poe.

Tip of the hat to skippy.

‘Vampire’ rapist gets life

From The BBC, a true tale of horror:

A man who raped and bit off parts of a woman’s face after being released early from prison for a previous violent attack, has been jailed for life.

Andrew Wild, 40, acted like a vampire during his victim’s seven-hour ordeal on a barge in Uppermill, Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

He pleaded guilty to charges of false imprisonment, rape, sexual assault and grievous bodily harm on Thursday.

Wild, of Bury, will not be considered for parole for at least 12 years.

Prosecutor Alaric Bassano said Wild appeared “possessed by evil” and laughed as he assaulted his 38-year-old victim on 9 July last year.

Blaze at the Berkeley Plaza Theatre

A sad event.

They don’t yet know what caused the fire in an adjacent tavern that destroyed a portion of their business and damaged the rest, nor do they know how much they lost in terms of financial value.


But the owners of Berkeley Plaza Theatre are adamant their movie screens will not be forever darkened.


“We are planning on putting it back, and we are going to open back up,” theater co-owner Bob Elliott said as he stood outside of his business a few hours after the Saturday morning fire.


One of the theater’s six auditoriums was destroyed, and the rest of the business had smoke and water damage. A tavern in the plaza was destroyed, and several other businesses were affected by the fire, which remains under investigation.


The plaza is off U.S. 11 just north of Martinsburg.


Behind yellow tape, the facade of the theater was a blackened heap of burned rubble and twisted metal. All of the framed movie posters advertising the films playing within were destroyed.

This is where I go to see most first-run horror movies. A matinee is $3. A small bag of popcorn is $1. Soda, $2 for a large. Snow Caps, $1.50 for a box. A fantastic afternoon at the movies: priceless.

The theater played first-run movies unlike other cheapie theaters. It was built in the 1970s in the county’s first shopping center. As newer, better located retail sites developed, the shopping center slowly closed. Where a large department store was located (Montgomery Ward’s I think) is now an IRS office. Other spaces are either vacant, filled with government offices like the unemployment center or replaced with a not-particularly good flea market. In other words, it was not much of a shopping center.

But the Berkeley remained and seemed to do good business, probably because (and just a guess) cheap rent. It sits in the corner and time has passed it by. My best friend says he likes it so well because it’s just like going to the movies when he was a kid. There’s no stadium seating. Heck, experienced Berkeley Plaza Theatre goers know to carefully check their seat before putting their weight on it because the seats are known to collapse.

One of my favorite memories was sitting in the largest auditorium watching The Mummy. A hard rain was falling and the roof leaked. A trash barrell was put under the leak. Someone  had thrown a cup in and the patter made a loud drumming so I moved the barrell just enough so the heavy drops didn’t fall on the cup and went back to my seat.

At a current theater, I wouldn’t stand for a leaky roof. I’d complain to the manager about such conditions. At the Berkeley Plaza Theatre, when you pay $3 to be transported to another world, it was just part of the experience.

Sometimes when I’m off from work I go alone and just ask the woman at the ticket booth what to see and she’d tell me. On work days when I’m off it’s not unusual for me to be the only one in that particular auditorium. That’s a great way to see scary movies.

But it does do a thriving business with parents on the weekend, eager to take their kids out and not go bankrupt at the same time. Fewer teenagers go to the Berkeley. They prefer the Lowes with the stadium seating and surround stereo system and safe seats to sit in.

The lack of teens is a plus, in my opinion.

So I hope the Berkeley Plaza Theatre is repaired and re-opened soon. But I hope they don’t fix it up too nice.

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